About Us

We keep great pleasure to introduce Digital Doctor’s as a vision of success in the World of Automation.

 Digital Doctor’s”an IT consultancy firm based in Goa is focused on Consulting Technology & Support. Started back in January 2005 we have a come a long way in the last decade. We have emerged as principal consultants for Hotels, SME’s, Public Enterprises in developing and fulfilling their IT, Security & Automation Stratagems. We are innovative in providing turnkey solutions to utilise resources. We focus all of our efforts on providing you with the best possible solutions to help your business flourish into the next great company and a success story by providing the required advice in Information Technology today.


We reach those results by honing our expertise into core service buckets namely traditional onsite hardware and software support, Access control, Security systems, Enterprise and Home Surveillance/Automation Systems, Etc.

We preserve the highest levels of customer service and support. We are always looking for ways to help our customers make the most of their IT budget. All of our sales staff and engineers are certified, and are proficient to stay up on the latest technology. We work persistently to meet the support goals of our clients, so you can capitalize on productivity in a proficient and economic manner.


What makes us unique is not any certain business model or service or competency, but our overall work philosophy:

“We work for the customers first and profits second”.