In this situation, the fresh new apps regarding most other people on market commonly exposed

In this situation, the fresh new apps regarding most other people on market commonly exposed

step one. Consideration away from programs to have contribution throughout the market is accomplished because of the market payment to help you identify possible companies you to definitely meet up with the certification conditions and needs of your auction records.

2. Believe off programs to have involvement from the auction initiate by the public auction commission toward applying of a possible seller, whoever price is the lowest.

step three. In the event that, according to research by the outcome of consideration from applying of a potential supplier, the new public auction commission knows for example a loan application once the meeting the new qualification requirements and requirements of your auction documentation, a process is formed towards outcome of public procurement by the brand new market approach.

When the, in line with the results of planning of your application of an excellent possible vendor, the latest public auction commission understands for example a loan application once the maybe not conference the fresh certification conditions and requirements of the market documents, a meantime protocol is made into consequence of social procurement of the market means. In such cases, new auction fee continues to take on the aid of a prospective supplier, whoever price is next after the lowest price.

4. Each applying of a possible provider to have Catholic Sites dating apps free participation regarding auction to have conformity with the qualification standards and requirements of the market documents represents because of the auction commission inside two business days regarding go out of auction and (or) the newest placement of an interim process for the outcome of public procurement.

5. In instances stipulated from the regulations to own social procurement, the consumer, the fresh organizer away from personal procurement, the brand new single coordinator regarding social procurement form an expert commission otherwise appoint a professional to set up an expert viewpoint about your conformity of goods, work, attributes supplied by potential service providers on tech specs, that is an integral part of market files.

The procedure towards the creation out of a specialist commission and (or) the expression an expert, as well as the conditions to own experts are determined by guidelines having social procurement.

1) from the societal procurement internet site, request material and clarifications out-of potential services about the its applications so you’re able to clear up the latest thought, analysis and you will testing of applications to possess contribution throughout the auction;

2) in order to describe everything included in the apps for contribution regarding market, from societal procurement internet webpage, consult the required pointers about associated some one or legal agencies, state authorities.

It is not permitted to send a request or any other strategies of auction percentage related to supplementing the application to own involvement about public auction which have shed data, replacement the brand new files filed throughout the application to own participation about auction, taking poorly executed documents based on the qualification standards and you can standards of public auction documents.

Footnote. Post 34 because revised because of the Laws of one’s Republic regarding Kazakhstan old Zero. 72-VII (is enforced of ).

The new public auction payment takes into account the applying to own involvement in the public auction because the meeting the requirements of the fresh new market records in the event it contains grammatical otherwise arithmetic problems that can be remedied instead of affecting this new essence of the registered app

1) information regarding the fresh requests of public auction fee relative to subparagraphs step 1) and you can dos) off region certainly part 6 out of Article 34 with the Law;

The process towards the outcome of social procurement by the auction approach can be appealed of the auction new member in the way given by this Laws

2) information regarding possible service providers whose apps to have involvement on the public auction had been rejected, with reveal dysfunction of the reasons due to their rejection, in addition to recommendations and you can data verifying its non-conformity toward qualification standards and needs of your auction files;

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