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CCTV Security Systems

Digital Doctor are Security System dealers based in Goa for a wide variety of home security systems, door alarms, surveillance cameras, wireless home security, CC-TV systems, IP- security cameras, fire alarms, motion detectors and burglar alarm systems that are available from numerous companies ranging on feature options.

Video Surveillance is the most reliable part of electronic security systems. Starting from very simple CCTV System for recording footage to very advanced CCTV Systems with Video Analytics & AI, we can do a lot with CCTV Systems. With the type of Cameras available presently and its integration with AI & Analytical software, we can not only make a premise fully secure but can perform may task like Automatic Attendance & Access Monitoring, Criminal Tracking at Airport & Public Places, Lost Baggage Management, Number of Footfalls, Survey for Target Marketing, Vehicle & Parking Management etc. Digital Doctor is Deals With top Brands of CCTV Security System Such as Honeywell, Panasonic, Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Pelco, Mobotix, Vivotek, D Link, Secureye, Bosch, Samsung Hanwha, Sony etc.

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Why Choose Digital Doctor Security System in Goa

Digital Doctor Security dealers will offer you peace of mind, not withstanding you’re miles and miles away. It is an excellent addition to your good home, a vital little bit of technical security school you’ll boost your good locks and progressive alarm systems. Why you have to purchase one? Maybe you have employees or alternative staff in your home, or even you wish to keep a watch on your youngsters and ensure they are doing their homework like they assert, saying there are and not enjoying another game of “who will jump the very best off of the couch.” Or maybe you only need to form sure that if the worst happens and you are doing suffer a burglary; you have got video proof of the perpetrators.


There are is no doubt gigantic points of interest to the organization of CCTV camera frameworks. Their utilization in dissuading wrongdoing is difficult to demonstrate, however is believed to be to a great degree powerful. Clients entering a shop who know they are being taped are altogether more averse to take. Individuals from the general population who realize that CCTV is consistently checking a healing center holding up room are less inclined to ambush staff.

Householders feel more secure and are more ensured on the off chance that they have CCTV security frameworks introduced in their homes. Organizations, and with them vocations, are shielded from burglary and money related misfortune by the utilization of CCTV security frameworks. Generally speaking, the upsides of CCTV Security reconnaissance exceed the detriments for a large portion of us.

1-Our site inspection executives will plan and suggest the best CCTV cameras that suit your requirement.

2-We have the best electronic security experts who guide through purchase and install CCTV camera facilities delivered to you at your doorstep

3-A clear vision even in the darkness to avoid internal and external theft activity within the CCTV area

4-Crime prevention

5-Evidence collection

6-Staff security

7-Private and sensitive area surveillance

8-Customer satisfaction assurance

9-Protection against false liability lawsuits

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