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Fire Alarm System in Goa

Digital Doctor Provide the Fire Alarm is a cheaper alternate for SMALL & Medium enterprise at Affordable Price. We are the Top Certified Security System Company in Goa. The Fire Alarm operates on Zone modes. Each Zone we can connect up to 35 Detector. The Conventional Fire Alarm can only give fire indication zone wise, but cannot pin point the exact location , hence its used only Small and Medium enterprises. Digital doctor deal with top Brands Fire Alarm System

We are also Offer Provide the Addressable Fire Alarm system is normally deployed in Large / Medium enterprise like Corporate, Hospitals, and Warehouse etc. The Addressable system helps the security to pin point the exact location of the fire. Hence the time taken to respond is much lesser compare the conventional. Hence most of the large enterprises prefer Addressable Fire Alarm.

Security Alarms/ Burglar Alarm

Digital Provide the Best Security Alarms and Burglar Alarm in Goa With the 10% of total profit on the research of emerging new technologies in Security & Surveillance field, they have Dahua Ip surveillance Systems are one of the foremost advanced in the world. They have Dome IP Camera, Bullet IP Camera, PTZ IP Camera, wide IP Cameras etc. There are of various Megapixels and advanced analytical and detection capability. Security Alarm systems are important as they immediately alert us at the time of the incident so we are able to take correct action.  Security Alarm Brands We Deal With: Yale, Hikvision, DSC Tyco, Godrej.

The Five Basic Parts of a Fire Alarm System

Commercial and industrial fire alarm and life safety systems consist of five basic parts that make up a complete fire alarm system and include the following:

Manual Call Station

Ravel Smoke / Heat / Multi Detector

Home Fire Detection & Fire Safety material

How it works?

Fire Alarm System detects and notifies early signs of fire even before it starts the fire. Our Advanced Conventional Fire Alarm System is designed as per The Fire Protection Authority (NFPA) and is ideal for small to medium sized offices, residential complexes and buildings.

Fire safety equipment has a big impact in reducing the average loss of life and property per fire.

Digital Doctor Provide the Home fire Detection and Fire Safety Material are used to big impact in reducing the average loss of life. The Potential workplace risks can range from electrical hazards to chemical exposures to falls. Unfortunately, fire is common in the workplace because of several causes like human error, faulty electrics or flammable materials. Fires are serious threats to physical safety and security of any workplace and anyone inside. Fire protection comes in many forms, from rescue and escape equipment to fire protection equipment like extinguishers and fire-fighter gear. With the correct products available and emergency plan in place, you can put safety first and protect your workers and company as an entire.

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, usually in emergency situations. It is not supposed to be used on an out-of-control extinguisher, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user (i.e., no escape route, smoke, explosion hazard, etc.

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